continuous feedback for organizational health


The primary focus of Mike’s consulting practice is to help leaders master the disciplines of organizational health. Those Four Disciplines, outlined in Patrick Lencioni’s book The Advantage, are: building a cohesive leadership team, creating clarity, reinforcing clarity, and over-communicating clarity. Learn more about the Table Group and its consulting approach here.

If you’re looking to increase the health of your organization starting with the health of your senior leadership team, Mike is ready to help.

“Mike's methodology for bringing clarity to our entire organization has proven to be invaluable. Getting the leadership team on the same page with a singular focus that is consistently reiterated to the global organization has enabled us to achieve sustainable

Ryan Gibson, General Manager

“McHargue's practical application of principles taught by The Table Group and Patrick Lencioni's organizational health concepts is a perfect reflection for all leaders trying to improve their leadership skills.”

Jeff Feeler, Chairman and CEO, US Ecology, Inc.

“I have hired Mike twice to work with our executive team. There are no 'trust falls' when you have a session with Mike; he gets right to work and helps you solve problems.”

Jason Goldberger, President and CEO, Blue Nile

“I appreciated that he considered the people he'd be working with first to structure his training around our unique needs and the unique needs of the participants.”

Beth Toal, Communications & Marketing VP, St. Luke's Health Systems