leader assessment

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a leader is one of the best ways to make critical improvements. Mike’s 25-question online assessment tool will help you identify how you are doing in the 5 areas where leaders commonly make mistakes:

– Allowing confusion

– Failing to connect with their team

– Running truly awful meetings

– Hiring too fast and firing too slow

– Failing to give and receive feedback

The Assessment begins with a self-evaluation where you will rate your performance in the 5 areas listed above. To truly get the most out of the Assessment, you can also have your team take the Assessment, allowing them to provide honest feedback on your abilities and performance. As the leader, you will be given access to the results of the Assessment so you can learn what you’re doing well and what areas need attention.

Key Takeaways:

– A customized, easy-to-read report of your self-evaluation

– A report that compares your self-evaluation with feedback from your team

– Specific tips and resources that will help you improve as a leader

Cost: $50/individual taking the Assessment (including the leader)

Start the Assessment process today by creating an account and selecting the members of your team you want to participate.

leadership assessment for improvement

“Leaders are people, and people make mistakes-but good leaders turn mistakes into learning opportunities and growth. Mike has helped countless leadership teams get better, including our senior team at World Vision U.S.”

Christine Talbot, Sr. Vice President of Human Resources, World Vision U.S.

Rookie Mistakes is a master class in leadership that weaves together powerful storytelling with keen insights to deliver practical advice for anyone who aspires to be a better leader.”

Chris Beard, CEO, Mozilla

“In his work, Mike McHargue creates simple principles and processes to address complex challenges.”

Andy Heily, President, Continental Mills