meet mike mchargue

Consultant. Coach. Speaker. Author. Mike is all these things, but more than anything, he is a Champion for organizational health and is devoted to helping organizations achieve their potential. Mike brings passion, enthusiasm, and intensity (and a peculiar fascination with the number 5!) to everything he does. With a combined 25+years as an executive himself and then working with other executive leaders, he calls upon first-hand knowledge and expertise with his clients. With a direct and intentional approach, Mike’s consulting and coaching helps teams and the organizations they lead improve their performance and their overall organizational health.

So, why the fascination with 5? Five is a number of aspiration. It’s a five-star hotel, restaurant, or theater production. It is the highest rank on the team assessment Mike uses, based upon Patrick Lencioni’s work The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. It is the exact right amount – a handful. (And, really, who doesn’t love a high five?) It’s also a great size for a team, large enough for diversity, but small enough to be agile and execute with speed.

Mike recently authored and published a book titled Rookie MistakesAdvice from Top Executives on Five Critical Leadership Errors. This work is a collection of advice from top CEOs and other senior leaders across a variety of industries.

Rookie Mistakes would be a great read for any new leader or any leader taking on a new role.”

Kevin Riley, CEO, First Interstate Bank

“Mike McHargue does a masterful job of sharing 'quick hit' stories that will keep you engaged and ready to apply, regardless of your leadership experience.”

Brent Jones, three-time Super Bowl Champion, San Francisco 49ers

“When we're having a session with Mike, everyone is smiling, everyone is engaged.”

Dave Meyers, CEO, Apex Leaders