Meetings with Alignment

My friend Scott Ault, the Executive VP of Workplace Solutions at Mutual of Omaha, does not like unproductive or unnecessary meetings. I think it’s safe to say, most executives don’t. In my book Rookie Mistakes Scott shared with me how he learned to make sure meetings brought his team and organization closer to their shared goals. 

This didn’t happen overnight. When Scott found his schedule dominated by meetings and requests for meetings, he knew something needed to change. Scott leveraged ideas from Patrick Lencioni’s book, Death by Meeting for guidance. Then his team identified the top priority, a thematic goal for the organization, and agreed upon a meeting structure that would support that priority.

“Meetings not aligned are questioned and, in many cases, canceled, thus returning valuable time—the one resources that can’t be replaced.” With this kind of clarity, individual meeting requests or appointments also are more easily evaluated and denied if they fail this “alignment test.” 

Do you have an “alignment test” when it comes to meetings in your organization? Are you able to identify—and cancel—those meetings that do nothing to move you closer to your organizational goals? Or, is it time to reevaluate and do as Scott did, ensuring meetings are aligned to the organizational priorities set by you and your team?

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