Tools For Better Meetings

“In any organization, employees watch the executive team very closely. That goes for all behaviors, including how meetings are run. If the leadership runs poor meetings, it cascades down and perpetuates itsel

Chief Justice (retired) Linda Copple Trout

Running Truly Awful meetings is a common mistake I see leaders make. This happens because they are missing at least one of three things: clarity, focus, or strong understanding of what is to happen after the meeting. Good, productive meetings start with clarity, are focused on the most important issues a leadership team is facing, and end with clarity about decisions and what will/won’t be communicated. One tool that helps with all three of these components is The Meeting Advantage created by the Table Group. It’s an online tool that offers a clear format and if followed makes sure meetings are focused and productive.

Justice Trout’s mistake as she described in Rookie Mistakes was a recognition that her meetings needed a clearer structure (just like the courtroom she was used to running). Justice Trout worked with her team to identify the appropriate behaviors for meetings and how to use the tools of clarity to begin and end the meeting, so there wasn’t any further confusion. 

“Taking quick, decisive action after appropriate considerations worked for the Idaho Courts and worked elsewhere across the organization—and that included changing poorly run meetings to those that were productive and clear,” 

Chief Justice (retired) Linda Copple Trout

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