The Power of Recognition



As leaders, it is easy to get busy and forget to recognize those who are doing good work on our teams. In Rookie Mistakes, my good friend David Kroll shares lessons he learned about the power of recognition.


Recognition, in many cases, can be free, yet the value for employee satisfaction, engagement, and organizational health can’t be quantified. I like what Dave said when we talked about the power of recognition, “It’s been well researched that people don’t stay at a job for the money; they stay because of their boss, their team, an inspiring mission, and a strong company culture.”


Celebrating the achievements, ideas, and contributions of team members is an easy investment that we can make in our team. A 2016 Forbes article talks about the power of recognition in the workplace as well. “Recognition is a privilege of leadership. Great leaders celebrate other people’s ideas even more than their own and do it in a way that is real and from the heart. Giving recognition is a privilege and leaders are in the unique position to recognize and elevate others. When exercised in the right way, giving recognition feeds people’s souls and makes them feel great about themselves and the work they do.”  David Novak, the co-founder and former CEO of Yum! Brands,

(Read the full Forbes article here) 


Not taking a moment or two out of our busy days to see and comment on the good work our teams are doing is an easy “rookie mistake” to fix.

  •  What’s one thing YOU can do today to recognize someone on your team who is doing a good job?


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