Mike is a Principal Consultant with The Table Group, a Patrick Lencioni company. He practices “naked” consulting, built on a foundation of transparency and humility. Everything he does is practical, relevant, and fast-paced. He is focused on the cohesiveness of your executive team, the health of your organization, and the business results you strive to achieve.

mike's book

Rookie Mistakes is a valuable teaching tool that helps leaders avoid five categories of common mistakes. Through stories of real-life events, readers will learn from the wisdom of top leaders in a variety of industries from across the country.

“Leaders are people, and people make mistakes-but good leaders turn mistakes into learning opportunities and growth. Mike has helped countless leadership teams get better, including our senior team at World Vision U.S.”

Christine Talbot, Sr. Vice President of Human Resources, World Vision U.S.

Rookie Mistakes is a master class in leadership that weaves together powerful storytelling with keen insights to deliver practical advice for anyone who aspires to be a better leader.”

Chris Beard, CEO, Mozilla

“In his work, Mike McHargue creates simple principles and processes to address complex challenges.”

Andy Heily, President, Continental Mills



When speaking with a larger audience, Mike strives to inspire and educate. And his goal is steadfast: offer audiences something that will help them make organizational improvements.




As part of his consultation program and book, Mike offers an online assessment tool that allows leaders to assess their abilities and performance, as well as see how evaluation from their team members compares. Assessment results are paired with helpful tips and guidance on how to begin making improvements.